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I'm Proud to Patron These Mission-Driven Companies Committed to Global Change

Plant Trees, Save Lives

Reforestation is one of the most effective practices available to combat the global climate crisis. I am incredibly proud to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects. Every time you support my company, trees are planted, with over 1500+ to date. This organization is focused on sustainable stewardship, local job creation, and responsible reforestation practices to help ensure the success of each planting, in a mission to reforest the Earth.

One-Stop Eco Friendly Shop

I adore he products, packaging, and practices of Zero Waste Cartel, supplier of the BEST 10-PACK of BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES EVER, amazing customer service and environmental commitment, and so much more! Ohio customers will love the incredibly fast, low-impact local shipping from their Ohio warehouse.

Use code BAREFOOT for 10% off your entire order!

Mecca of all Things Package Free!

With a massive selection for all things package free in household, personal care, and on-to-go, the Package Free Shop delivers quality + long term value. Use this link for $10 off.


Underwear for People with Periods

Swapping plastic, chemical, and single use disposable product periods for zero-waste, machine washable, ultra comfortable period undies is Life. Changing! I especially love the organic cotton line for a sustainable alternative to the expensive disposable habit! This link will offer you $10 off your zero-risk trial!

The Most Eco-Friendly TP + More!

This 100% biodegradable, carbon-negative, 100% tree-, chemical-, bleach- and plastic-free, sustainably-harvested bamboo toilet paper with consciousness and care on every level, from production to shipping to compost-friendly rolls is my FAVORITE! A Good Company is cutting edge, including notebooks, pens, and more! USE CODE BAREFOOT FOR 10% OFF!

Dropps Laundry + Dish Pods

Powerful, Zero-Waste Green Clean

Make the switch to laundry and dish pods that are tough on dirt, gentle on your clothes and the water supply, with eco-safe materials, compostable packaging, AND carbon neutral shipping, all for prices that beat out natural detergents in those chemical-laden plastic bottles! Use this link to save a little extra $.


Misfits Market

combat food waste +
save on organic produce

Misfits Market's mission is to make fresh, high-quality food more affordable and accessible to everyone while breaking the cycle of food waste. I adore my deliveries of organic produce at a fraction of supermarket costs, all 100% fresh and delicious. Use code COOKWME-WX4IYV for 25% off your first box.


The world's most advanced blue light-blocking glasses

I have struggled for YEARS with  intense insomnia. I am IN LOVE with my Sleep+ blue blocking glasses from the incredible team at This company has taught me SO much about the harmful effects of indoor blue lighting and electronic screens, and I experienced immediate benefit when I began blocking!

Code BAREFOOT = 15% off your purchase.

Compostable Phone Cases + More

I love my Pela phone case, which includes a screen replacement guarantee when paired with Pela's fantastic liquid screen protector! This carbon-neutral certified B-corp makes plastic free, fully biodegradable cases, watch bands, sunglasses and more, all stylish, durable, and fun. Right now, they're offering BOGO deals on cases, act soon!


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