Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.'  -Khalil Gibran


Welcome Home, Dear One.

Welcome home to your body, home to your truth, and home to the abundant wonder of the natural world. This is sacred ground.

My name is Sara Goff, and I'm honored to hold spaces in which we can remember and restore our untamed and authentic nature. In the spirit of Barefoot Reverence, we share in intentional rituals, yoga and teacher trainings, story + song medicine, soul guidance sessions, deep learning, wild adventures, and gatherings that celebrate our connection with and deepen our commitment to the abundant Earth that sustains us. When our reverence grows, so too does our respect: for sustainability, for science, for the marching orders to be who we must be for the times at hand. Here, you will be supported in heeding that call, too, and you will discover a community devoted to conservation together.

I invite you to explore my currently virtual offerings, and to participate in Barefoot Reverence if you feel the call... I offer to you my very highest and most heartfelt service, with deep love and respect.


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Virtual Offerings


Virtual Yoga Offerings

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Soul Guidance +
(mini) Soul Sessions

1-1 Journeys into Inner Truths, Authentic Self, Esoteric Realms, Deep Within, and far beyond.

Online Courses

Awaken, Embody, & Align Your Energetic System, Online


Gatherings + In Person

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Earth Church

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Satya Embodied Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Women's Immersion
Costa Rica
May 5-29, 2021

Song & Story Medicine

Kirtan, Poetry, Musings,
Guided Meditations, and Downloads


Upcoming Events

SATYA EMBODIED 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Costa Rica 2020
Wed, May 13
Boca Sombrero
May 13, 5:00 PM – Jun 06, 12:00 PM
Boca Sombrero, 245, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Join us in Costa Rica May 13-June 6, 2020!

Projects + Partnerships


The Wild Woman Project +
Wild Woman Fest

New Moon Circles in Central Ohio + Annual Festival in Upstate NY

Serving the Natural World

Trees are planted with every course, circle, client, kirtan, and training.

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About Sara Goff, Aurora Satya Devi

Yogini E-RYT500, Teacher of Teachers, Soul Guide, Wild Woman Project Circle Leader and Wild Woman Fest Producer, Spirited Songstress, Nature-Based Priestess

At the heart of all I do is the deep intention to guide each Being with whom I work back to the reclamation of universal truths and their own inner guidance. These wisdoms shared by the mystics at the core of all spiritual traditions and lineages offer to us the remembrance of the sacred within ourselves and infusing all of life.

While Oneness infuses all that I offer, it is my personal dharma to initiate my clients ever more deeply into the pathways of the feminine: reverence for the sacred in the embodied world, including nature, our bodies and selves, and the navigation of Earthly life, its ebbs and flows, chaos, emotions, and innate creativity, and guiding my clients back to the reclamation of their own inner authority and direct lines to the Divine, according to one's own definition and devotional disciplines. By assisting others in this Earthly life, I am honored to fulfill my calling.

I use a colorful tapestry of modalities to activate this inner work, from yoga, festivals and events, adventurous retreats, and guiding a new generation of mindful teachers, to song medicine as we chant and sing together and Wild Woman Project offerings, to private soul guidance coaching and prayer work, and beyond. Hafiz taught us that 'there is no one way to God,' and I aim to dance together within the flow of the playful and the sacred, the daring and the divine, trusting that we each find our own blissful way forward along our path, and together, we go farther, we go deeper, and our walk is all the richer.

I'm asked often about my spiritual name, Aurora Satya Devi. In essence, it means all I've shared here: Aurora (the Goddess of the Dawn, i.e. bringer of the light), Satya (of universal and personal truths), Devi (of the feminine plane). I have discovered that my Being responds with positive elevation at being called Aurora, and you are welcome to do so! At the same time, I love the name given to me by my family of origin, and am happy to connect with either.

When I'm not working, my loves include wilding, hiking, singing and ritual in the natural world, enjoying hours with my soul friends of the cackling kind, discovering playground swings, daydreaming or discovering via travel, night~owling with Grandmother Moon, and growing with my Beloved and our daughter (I'm a soulful stepmom).

I believe deeply that if a modality, a path, a guide, a teacher speaks to you, calls to you, and holds space for you in a way that assists your growth, then you are in the right place. If you feel called to explore with me, I will be honored and dedicate to you the very best I have to offer.

Shamanic societies used to honor sacred questions in pursuit of a soul's malaise: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being ienchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence? Together, let us DANCE on the mat, SING in community, SHARE STORIES in soul guidance sessions, Wild Woman Project events and workshops, and EMBRACE SILENCE through my prayer work in your name.

May we all discover reverence for

the ancient wisdom of our hearts,

the constant teacher of our bodies,

and the infinite stillness

and inextinguishable light within.



Conversations in the metro park: Onlooker: ‘you’ve forgotten your shoes.’ ‘Respectfully, the others have forgotten their feet.’ He laughs... he smiles. I beam and warmly bid him a blessed day. Perhaps he considers as he walks away, upon the manicured trail created above my rugged and watery path. A butterfly floats gracefully between us, a winged messenger of all that is between us, all that is sacred, all that needn’t be said today.




Barefoot Reverence

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